Man Crush Monday

My loving husband stands by my dreams.

Pardon me while I brag a moment.

Yes, i got lucky.


Not only did I find a man who loves me unconditionally, but a man who

... laughs when I work from home all day and he gets home from his 9-5 and I'm still in my PJ's,

... kindly abides when I am constantly asking him to turn down his video games so I can watch my Pro Tips Videos,

... listens and advises, when I need to vent after long, sometimes lonely, co-worker-less home office days,

... and holds me when I cry my eyes out and lose faith because making a name for yourself is so hard some days,

... and who didn't buy me some boring standard piece of jewelry as his wedding gift, but instead bought me my Mac Book Pro! 

Having a husband that supports me is the foundation of my dreams and the back bone of my strength to move forward in this competitive business. It takes a special kind of person to love and encourage someone who is beginning their own business, and I don't take that for granted. So this is my shout out to my Justin, and to all the husbands and wives- and dare I say cheerleaders * insert OMI song here * out there that know what it's like to support someone who schedules themselves the graveyard shift and works their rear ends off to hand themselves their own paycheck. Following your dreams isn't always easy, but its a little easier on a Mac Book Pro and with them by your side, it all seems possible!