Planning Your Newborn Session

Okay guys I think there's something in the water in the Hudson Valley... Everywhere I look is a pretty baby bump and it seems to me like everyday another pregnancy is announced! This is such an exciting time for all you moms and dads to be! No matter who your newborn photographer is, I thought I would share some tips for getting the best newborn photos that you can!

  • It is highly recommended that you get your newborn photos done during the first 4-9 days of life. The first week of life is the time when baby is still sleeping nearly 20 hours a day and hasn't turned into a wiggle worm yet, this is so so important to ensure you can get those sweet, cuddly, curled up sleeping photographs!
  •  Always plan ahead! This is helpful because those first few days will fly by. It is such a busy and exciting time especially for first-time moms, and if you don't plan ahead, then before you know it your baby is a month old!  Have a relationship with your photographer, let them know ahead of time or at your maternity session, what your due date is. Scheduling your session before the birth date better ensures that your photographer can be flexible during that time, because you never know what that exact date will be! 
  • My Studio2U Newborn Sessions are perfect for you! I come to your home with all the necessary props and set ups, don't worry about space, I have worked in many tight quarters before and am happy to nudge some furniture around if necessary. 
  • We will try our best to plan the session around a time when baby is normally sleeping. Once your session time is set, it is best to try to keep baby awake right until it is time to start.  It is then recommended to feed the baby so they have a full tummy and will be ready to go right to sleep. 
  • It is important to keep the room as naturally bright and as warm as possible to ensure the highest comfort level for baby. A good amount of background noise is great too, to keep your little one in a deep sleep while we are moving them into different positions.