The Traveling Camera

I planned our wedding start to finish and I loved doing it, but when it came to planning our honeymoon we were at a loss! We would spend hour after indecisive hour researching and come out with no solid plan- and as you may know I am a Planner with a capital P! So finally as fate would have it we had someone else choose our honeymoon and the weight was lifted off my shoulders like the ceremonial doves released at the end of the dream wedding we could never afford!

So the day after our wedding we were off to the tropical oasis of lizards and sun that is Puerto Rico for a very much needed week of relaxation!

We stayed just steps from the beach, and the bar because what more do you need once you've married the love of your life.

We ate, a lot. We drank, a lot. We went zip lining and ATVing, exploring the El Yunque rainforest, cliff jumping, snorkeling the coral reef, boating, making friends with taxi drivers, terribly- but hilariously, imitating everyone with accents, exploring the oldest city on US territory, lounging on islands smaller than my front yard surrounded; by nothing but miles of crystal blue waters.

It was amazing and it went way too fast, but I get to remember it now with the beautiful photos I took while there! 

To see more photos from my worldly travels you can visit the Fine Art Gallery on my website, where you can now purchase them as gorgeous wall art! 

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