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Wedding album Cassondre mae photography Warwick NY

Your wedding or photo session is not only about having awesome photos to fill your Facebook feed, it’s also about creating memories that you’ll pass down and share with your future family one day! 

So, in 50 years when your grandkids say “Grandma, what was Facebook?” the way we would ask our own grandparents “What was a telegram?” 
How will you share your favorite photos then? 

We might have flying cars by then, who knows, but I can bet that no matter how far our technologies advance, that nothing will replace the feeling of holding a photo of a loved one in our own hands. 
I would bet that, even if we all live in houses that talk to us and have implants in our heads (Okay, maybe I've been watching Black Mirror too much lately!) that we will still have framed photos hanging on our walls and albums on our shelves. 

Heirloom quality pieces, like this amazing album, are the keys to cherishing your photos for generations to come! 

Cassondre Mae