Revanna + Matt | Family Traditions

Jana Kramer Love Cassondre Mae Photography Warwick NY

"I still believe in miracles...
I still believe in wedding rings and bibles
I still believe the best walk that you'll ever take is
Walking down the isle"

The lyrics of this Jana Kramer song entitled "Love", were just way too perfect to not share with the photo! And what better day than a Sunday to talk about Traditional Weddings, if you're lucky, you get spend the day with family and loved ones! While Saturdays are for fun and relaxing, Sundays always seem to be more family based and special. Revanna and Matt's wedding embodied those wholesome elements of traditional nuptials. 

This ring shot was a particularly special image for the Revanna. This bible had been passed down to generations of brides in her family on their wedding day. It had been weathered with time and showed the ware of being loved by many, a true character that can never be replicated. 
But this bible was not the only family piece they used in their wedding day. They had so many other cherished items included in their traditional wedding, that all incorporated people that were near and dear to the couples hearts.
They were also married in an absolutely jaw dropping catholic cathedral in New Haven, CT that was built in the 1800's.
The couple opted to fore-go a first looks which has become so popular with modern marriages, so as the cathedral doors opened, Matt saw his bride for the first time as she walked the aisle. 

I love unique touches and traditions like these that make a wedding so treasured and even more meaningful!