Emily + Andrew | In Sunshine or In Rain

Wedding mornings are always a little stressful for photographers - packing everything up and getting out the door...
Wedding morning with a long drive ahead are always a little stressful - what if there's traffic or delays...
Wedding mornings when you realize five minutes before you're suppose to leave that your husband accidentally took both your keys and his keys to work with him and now you're stranded at your home - are even more stressful!! 
I can laugh about it now because everything worked out perfectly - but man the pressure was on! It's a good thing I always plan-in extra time for those surprise 'what-if's'.
Yes, wedding days can be unpredictable! And as much as I love things to be planned perfectly, it's also nice that every "work day" is never the same and Emily + Andrew's wedding day had the most unpredictable factor hovering over it - RAIN! 

Emily + Andrew got married at Aria, in Prospect, CT. After 6 years together, they were so excited to tie the knot and have a fun and memorable time with their guests! Like all brides who spends months planning their day and every little details, you never want the weather to take away from it. The bridal party was checking the forecast the entire morning, the radars, every weather app you can get and it kept changing. The sun would be shining one minute and clouds would be rolling in the next. 

When the ceremony time came, they went for it, took their chances and said let'd do it outside, but ten minutes into it, those storm clouds came rolling in again...
For better or for worse,
For richer, for poorer, 
In sunshine or in rain...

These two said their adorable heartfelt vows, and became one as the skys opened up all around them.
It. Poured.
It may not have been the ceremony they had expected, but it took nothing away from the true beauty of the moment. They wanted their day to be memorable - it will without a doubt be one that nobody that was there will ever forget!!

And like the world after the rain has just past, these two glowed and radiated so much love for each other! 
After that - the party was ON! The dance floor was full and by the end of the night everyone was out in the rain again for sparklers and loving every minute of it!! 

Venue: Aria, Prospect, CT
Florist: The Green Petal, Walling Ford, CT
Hair & Makeup: MBD Beauty, New Haven, CT
DJ: Entertainment Unlimited New England, Wethersfield, CT
Dress Shop: Paisley Bridal, Glendale, NY
Dress Designer: Rebecca Ingram by Maggie Sottero